A List Of Histamine Intolerant Foods

Being sensitive to histamines does not mean that you have to cut out all the foods you love just because they contain them. In fact, many of these foods are the perfect solution to help lower your histamine intake.

What is histamine intolerance?

The symptoms of histamine intolerance can vary, but can typically include inflammation of the digestive tract (gastritis) and abdominal pain. Symptoms may also include headaches, fatigue, and trouble sleeping. Histamine intolerance is more common in people who have a family history of histamine intolerance or gastrointestinal problems.

Diet restrictions and Foods to eat

There are many histamine intolerant foods  that people with the condition should avoid. Histamine intolerance is caused by an inability to break down histamine, which can cause gastritis, nausea, and vomiting. Foods that contain high levels of histamine can be a problem for people with histamine intolerance.

The following are some of the most histamine intolerant foods list :

– Brewers yeast

– Garlic

– Serotonin syndrome

– Oysters

– Scallops

– Shrimp

Histamine intolerant individuals often have to watch what they eat, as many foods contain histamine. Here are some histamine-free foods to eat if you have intolerance to this compound: 







Talk to your doctor about a specific diet plan that is best for you.

Food substitutes

It is important to keep histamine levels in check because high levels can cause unpleasant symptoms like itching, hives, and sneezing. There are many foods that contain histamine and if you are histamine intolerant, it’s important to avoid them.

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