All About Business Resilience Planning

In today's rapidly globalizing business context and the unpredictable terrorism that is happening all around us, a business continuity plan is an essential requirement for companies to keep their critical business processes running to maintain functionality and ensure constant profitability.

Simply put, enterprise sustainability planning must fulfill at least two main objectives, namely enabling data integrity and data recovery and preventing or reducing the loss of human life. You can also browse this site to know about resilience assessment.

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The recovery process consists of three phases, namely the emergency response phase, crisis management phase, and emergency planning.

Contingency plans relate to the procedures required to react promptly to any incident that could compromise the safety of our co-workers, interfere with day-to-day operations, or cause unjustifiable external control of the company. 

The purpose of the Emergency Response Phase is to guide on:

– Ensure the safety and health of co-workers

– Quickly identify and respond to incidents that may occur in or near the office

– Assist with regular evacuation of buildings, if necessary

– Assess the damage or effect of a situation

The business continuity plans of each department are closely coordinated and supported by local managers for areas such as technical assistance and in-office administration to create a consistent work environment.

The objective of this phase is to ensure that the required activities performed at a particular location can be restored within a reasonable time and to an acceptable level to ensure that we can provide adequate support to our customers.