All About Personal Injury Lawsuits

An accident can cause amputation. The injured party may be eligible to sue the responsible people or organizations. Amputation is the surgical removal of one or more limbs, such as an arm, leg, finger, leg, or foot.

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Nearly two million Americans have had their limbs amputated. Some of these amputations were caused by illness or military combat. A lawsuit is only possible if the amputation was caused by an accident or medical malpractice. 

However, it is possible to sue if the responsible party cannot be identified in some cases. For example, if the amputation was caused by a natural disaster such as a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane.

As a result, some of the Boston Marathon bombers lost their legs. The surviving bomber does not have the resources to pay for the medical bills of the injured. Although attorneys are trying to find other potential defendants for lawsuits, it isn’t easy. Donations have been made to help those who were hurt and pay for their medical bills.

Amputation-related lawsuits most often arise from injuries sustained in construction accidents or car accidents. Surgery is required for amputations that involve severed limbs. This includes the need to cauterize and remove dead tissue.

These types of lawsuits are handled by some law firms. These lawyers have a deep understanding of these cases from both a legal and medical perspective. They have access to Rolodex medical experts to assist in the treatment of the injured party as well as serve to be expert witnesses to support the claims made in the lawsuit.