Always Buy A Convertible Car Seat Recommended By American Academy Of Pediatrics

Attention parents, if you are driving in a car with your children aged below 6 years, then make sure to install a convertible car seat, which is in line with recommendations given by the American Academy of Paediatrics. It is advised to keep your child in rear-facing mode for as long as possible or until he/she reaches the height or weight limit of the rear-facing seat.

As your child outgrows the infant car seat, you need to buy him/her a convertible car seat, which you can install in forward and rear-facing configurations. A convertible car seat is where your child will be sitting for the next several years.

Most children outgrow infant seats or rear-facing seats because of their height instead of weight. Therefore, if you have been using an infant seat for the past few months, then you need to buy a convertible car seat. For that, you can check out reviews of best convertible car seats by consumer reports. It is recommended to switch to a rear-facing convertible seat as your child turns one. So, what are you waiting for? Get a convertible car seat today to ensure the safety of your child as he/she rides along with you on the vulnerable roads of your city. Only choose a branded product because they take care of safety measures seriously compared to non-branded products.