Cleaning Your Tattoo With Cleanser

To clean the tattoo, wash your hands completely before further wetting the area with a mixture of warm water and skin-sensitive antibacterial soap. Rub the tattoo in circular motions with your fingertips before rinsing it off with soap and drying the skin with a clean paper towel. Once completely dry, apply an appropriate moisturizing lotion to the area.

In the studio, when your artist is done with their work and you are happy with it, they will continue to wipe your tattoo with antibacterial soap and wrap it in a plastic or surgical bag and tell you how long to put on the foil before removing it. A good tattoo artist will also advise you on the best way to clean your tattoo and how often.

Now that you can remove the packaging, the big moment comes – the first cleaning. Remember that as soon as you remove the packaging, you will want to clean your new tattoo immediately. This is the first step in your post-tattoo routine with the best foam washer

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When the artist wraps your tattoo, the area is sterilized and packaged without bacteria. Once the cover is removed, free-flowing air will once again be brought into the area and bacteria will begin to multiply around the open wound, so it's important to clean the area again as soon as possible.

In addition, the entire time the area is wrapped, blood, excess ink, and plasma are flowing. But don't worry; This is completely normal, so don't worry if there is blood running under your tattoo.