Custom 3D Modeling In Malaysia

Custom 3D modeling is a relatively new technology when compared to simple photos of products. Many people don’t understand it due to its relatively recent discovery. But this is very good to have 3D animated models for your products.

There are actually many reasons why 3D modeling is better than regular product photography. Some of them are. 

#1. Presents many designs with 3D models

This is one of the main advantages of custom 3D modeling. Colors and patterns are an integral part of the design. If one chooses a modeling and rendering service, one can easily change the feel and details of the displayed image. This is only possible when the base model is completely finished.

Different versions of items, created from the same 3D model, allow multiple images to be obtained from each other at minimal cost and time.

#2. Try a different context for the product's 3D model

For example, a custom 3D sofa model can be displayed in a living room or office to give the buyer a clear idea of how to adapt it to the context. This special 3D modeling tool allows customers to choose and buy what suits them best. Such a prospect is satisfying because shopping is not a test – you will get what you are looking for.

#3. Demonstrate product functionality on the go

Sometimes buyers want to see how a product that interests them works. You may also want to understand the different parts and how to assemble them. Traditional photos have no way of showing any of these things. Even if several pictures are taken at each point to explain how the element works or how the elements are put together, the effect will not be the same.