Essential Things That You Need In Your Bug-Out Bag

One of the most important steps in disaster risk reduction is to have a well-designed and organized bug-out bag packing list to help you prepare. This will ensure that you have the necessary equipment for your exit from an area full of chaos.

Water and hydration

Perhaps the most important staple food to put in your bug-out bag is water, to keep you hydrated. The human body can only be without water for 72 hours, while it can be without food for about 3 weeks. Water is an absolute must in your pocket. You can always buy a ready-made grab bag for family so you don't miss anything.

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Food and its preparation

A good grab bag or bug-out bag list includes a variety of perishable foods, some of which may require water and some may not. In actual purification situations, you don't know how poor your water source is.


Choosing clothes for your bag is a very personal decision, as each person has a different body type, tolerance, and level of fitness. The items listed below should be strategically layered to maintain a healthy and comfortable body temperature at all times.

First aid

First aid is an area where there are many types of products that are totally unsuitable for survival kits. Look for a first aid kit specially designed for survival and having high marks from reliable sources.


Lighting, like a fire source, or flashlights is something you will need in most cases. These items have multiple uses, but they all serve the same purpose: to help you see what you're doing or find your goal.