Everything About Retail Security Solutions For Big Stores

Many people believe that when you install a security system, all worries go away. This is not entirely true. While installing a security system helps with bigger problems, it's the small, unnoticed problems that actually make up most of the business losses.

FACT: According to the Department of Justice, a robbery occurs every 46 seconds. Employee theft accounts for about 48% of all business losses, and in-store pick-up accounts for 31%. If you know you've got the right retail security solutions for your business, then facts like these can't harm you.

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Having the right security company to help you with your security solution is a big part of awareness. There are three main solutions that can help reduce business losses. First and foremost is the sales system (POS). 

This is when the security provider integrates your security cameras into your cash register and gives the owner or management access to each ring item. It allows you to view price reviews, items purchased, quantities changed, and changes accepted. This type of solution can save a business thousands of dollars in employee theft.

The second solution is a hidden/spy camera. This is a great way to get video evidence without being noticed. There are several types of this camera. Depending on the environment in which the camera will be placed, this is important. 

This camera is small but effective. The variations vary from spy pens, spy MP3 players, spy car key chains, spy watches and more. It's a great solution for coworkers, babysitters, neighbors, vandalism, and more.