Five Methods of Gaslighting

Psychopaths usually have five techniques they use to enlighten their victims. These techniques are listed below.

Disorientation – The perpetrators want to separate their victims from the rest of the world. This means that the abuser will disagree with everything the victim says and will criticize them negatively about how they view the world. The perpetrator wants to put the victim in a state of mind that no longer trusts his senses, abilities, family, friends, and environment. The victim's entire world must revolve around what the perpetrator said and did.

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Disability – Perpetrators assume all duties and responsibilities previously performed by the victim. This could mean cooking, cleaning, working, or other things the victim usually does. Perpetrators want their victims to rely on them completely in everything.

Fantasy World – Creating a fantasy world is an essential element of gaslighting. Perpetrators will create a special world for their victims. This means that the abuser is telling the victim the wrong things about the world. The victim will actually defend the lie to others, even if they have to fight for it. 

Gather Information – The first thing a perpetrator will do to eliminate his victims is to gather information about them. The more perpetrators learn about their potential victims, the easier it will be for them to manipulate them. That's why it's so easy to trample on the perpetrator's family members because the abuser already knows everything about them. 

Recruit Others – Bullies are usually psychopaths who make up their own lies. However, they often hire other people to help them unknowingly with lies. This could be a friend of the victim, a classmate, a neighbor, a teacher or a co-worker.