Get A Radiant And Youthful Complexion Through Exfoliating

Dry, cracked skin, especially similar to the kind we experience during the cold winter months, is actually just dead layers of epidermis that haven’t yet flaked off. While we lose skin cells every minute, in order to bring out the glow of the new, you have to remove the old.

To get truly a glowing, youthful complexion, you need to slough off the dead, dry skin cells regularly. Body scrubs help to do that with their exfoliating components. To buy good exfoliators for your skin visit

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Steps to apply a body scrub

Apply a little scrub to your hands or a loofah, and rub it in circles over your body or face two to three times a week. Once you’re scrubbed up, rinse off with warm, but not hot, water. You may choose to apply moisturizing cream or skin lotions at this point, as freshly scrubbed skin allows moisturizers to penetrate the dermis more deeply.

Brightened, youthful skin

When you get a pedicure, the pedicurist slough off the gray, dry bits around your heels? And how do your feet feel so much better and healthier without those extra layers? Exfoliating the rest of your body is the same way – without all the dead cells, brighter and newer cells can shine through. 

Once you’ve used a scrub to exfoliate your body or face, the old cells are gone and younger, fresh cells are now at the surface; as a result, you’ll find yourself with a newborn-pink flush, as well as that baby softness to your body.