Hammer Toes Treatments, Causes & Simple Home Solutions

The only treatment for hammertoes that works is surgery. Sometimes, the deformity cannot be corrected with surgery. Consult a podiatrist if you notice redness at the top of your toes or in the vicinity of the joint. 

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What is a Hammertoe Deformity?

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Here are some suggestions he may make:

1) Toe exercises

The problem can be caused by weak tendons, ligaments, and muscles. All of them can be strengthened with exercises. Stretching the tendons at the top of your foot will reduce the "pull" they exert on your toes. Tight tendons can be one of the contributing factors.

Tendons are springs. However, sometimes the spring action is too tight. This causes the toes to pull towards the ball of your foot.

Spring action can be improved by picking up small objects with your toes, crumpling newspaper, and pulling them towards the balls of your feet. The toe might straighten as the tendons relax.

2) Orthotics

You can either order custom orthotics from your doctor, or order them online. Insoles are made to match the exact shape of your foot by taking a mold of the foot.

A custom orthotic can be used to treat hammertoes. However, it must be worn with well-designed and comfortable shoes. Another option is to use a custom orthotic.

3) Hammertoe Straighteners

Hammertoe straighteners are a combination of a strap and pad that straightens your toes. It can be worn with almost all types of shoes because it is small. Straighteners reduce friction at the top of your toes and take pressure off the ball of your foot. This reduces or eliminates pain in both these areas.