Hemp Seeds Are the Most Complete Foods

Scientists have found that hemp seeds if consumed as food, can sustain a person's life for several months without any nutritional deficiencies. Hemp protein was actually used in Europe during tuberculosis outbreaks to reverse the loss. Today, it is widely used in hemp nutritional supplement private label manufacturing in many countries.

Hemp seeds have a 66% protein content and 33% albumin. They also contain all 8 essential amino acids as well as 2 conditionally important amino acids. Hemp seeds also contain the optimal amount of omega fatty acid that experts recommend for great health, ranging from 3-omega-3 to 1-omega-6.

To live, a human needs 21 amino acids. 8 of these are essential and should be obtained from food; 2 are important but may only be synthesized after all 8 have been consumed. The first 10 essential amino acids for good health are only available from hemp. 

In possessing all the essential proteins, hemp seeds aren't different from other plant seeds. They are nevertheless distinct because they have all the essential proteins in the correct proportions. Albumin is another 35% of the protein content.

Hemp seeds contain globulins, which are one of seven groups of 100% pure protein. Globulins are the portion of the seed between embryos and the seed layer. They're part of every human and animal bloodstream. Edestin globulin comes from seeds; globulin is found in the blood. Globulin, albumin and other globular proteins are considered necessary proteins.