How Can Commercial General Liability Insurance Help Protect Your Business In California?

Business general liability insurance can help protect you and your business against many common lawsuits. General liability insurance is the most popular option for many businesses due to its broad spectrum of coverage. 

Like other liability insurance, commercial general liability coverage protects your business from many common claims that many small businesses may face. You can also avail commercial general liability insurance in San Jose California via Wynn online.

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What does general liability insurance protect against?

Commercial liability coverage protects your business against four basic categories of claims:

• Bodily Injury: If a client or other party suffers bodily injury caused directly or indirectly by your business, this insurance will help cover medical expenses and other damages resulting from a lawsuit.

• Property Damage: If you or your employees cause damage to someone's property (eg, cars, houses, land, and other property of relative value), you may be responsible for the cost. General liability insurance provides the type and amount of coverage you need.

• Personal Injury: Personal injury encompasses libel, slander, lost wages, mental anguish, and other claims not included in bodily injury.

• Advertising damages: This is similar to personal damages in that it occurs for defamation, libel, or copyright infringement, but advertising damages involve another business rather than an individual.