How Laser Hair Removal Really Works

In this article, you'll find out how laser hair removal works and the different types available. Learn how to choose the best type for you whether it's the harsher carbon dioxide model or more gentle light-based model that uses thermal energy.

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Laser hair removal is a highly effective treatment for removing unwanted hair. It works by targeting the root of the hair, killing the hair follicle. This prevents new hair from growing and reduces the need for subsequent treatments.

How does laser work?

The laser beam targets the hair at its roots, heat is then generated which damages the hair follicle. This destroys the hair root and stops new hairs from growing.

When people think of laser hair removal, they usually think of a machine that emits a beam of light that destroys the hair on the skin. But that’s not how it really works. Laser hair removal uses a very specific wavelength of light to destroy the hair follicle. This wavelength is invisible to the human eye, but it can be detected by specialized equipment. 

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has many benefits, including:

1. It is an effective treatment for hair removal.

2. It is a safe and painless procedure.

3. It is affordable.