How To Find Relief With Lower Back Pain Therapy

If you suffer from lower back pain, and a doctor has recommended spinal surgery, you should seriously consider trying non-surgical lower back pain therapy first. This type of therapy is administered by a chiropractor, and the advantages of lower back pain therapy may outweigh any advantages of any type of surgery, including minimally invasive back surgery.

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In fact, when it comes to surgery, there really are no advantages, but there are plenty of disadvantages. These disadvantages include extensive recovery time, the risk of paralysis, risk of infection, the build-up of scar tissue, nerve damage, tissue damage, blood clots, and more. In the end, this type of surgery rarely resolves the problem and only creates more problems.

On the other hand, lower back pain therapy performed by chiropractors, known as spinal decompression, is not only a safer alternative to back surgery, but it is also usually more effective.

This form of therapy is completely non-invasive. This type of therapy is virtually painless, and most patients notice a real difference in how they feel right away. There is no extensive recovery period for spinal decompression as there is with back surgery, and most patients report increased mobility immediately following each therapy session.

Spinal decompression is done with the use of a decompression table. This table is specifically designed to move your body in such a way that the discs are slowly decompressed and reshaped, and the spine is essentially repositioned, or realigned.