How to Get US Citizenship for a Foreign Spouse?

Are you a US citizen and want to be married for a long time? You can make it possible by obtaining US citizenship for your spouse. Foreign marriage is a growing trend. Couples want to share their dreams and values with their soul mates. It is a good idea to apply for US citizenship if you are married to a foreign partner and plan to move to the US to live with them.

Naturalization or birth can be used to obtain citizenship in the USA. Naturalization is the only way to obtain citizenship for your spouse. To apply for citizenship for your spouse, he/she must have been 18 years old, be married to a US citizen, and have lived in the US for at least 3 years. You can also send us a message to hire a citizenship lawyer to help you with the citizenship process.

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All this while holding a green card. You could initially sponsor your spouse to get a green card through the marriage process. Once your spouse meets these requirements, he/she can apply for US citizenship. You will need to provide evidence that your spouse is a US citizen. You can use a passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate to prove your spouse is a US citizen.

After your application has been completed and mailed to USCIS along with all required documents, you will be called by USCIS for fingerprinting and an interview. Honesty and truthfulness will be a positive response to your application. Your English proficiency and knowledge of American history will be assessed.