Interesting Facts About The Bible To Spark Your Interest

Here you will see some general facts about the bible that may help to give you a long-term interest in the bible.

The bible has 66 books in it, which is the result of the protestants wanting some books to be omitted. The mark of the beast is 666. In the old testament, there are 39 books and in the new testament, there are 39 books. You can gain more information about Bible facts and statistics by browsing through the internet.

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The original language that the bible was written in is Hebrew. All the books of the bible were written in Greek by 70 scholars. This took place after the Romans came into power in Israel. Greek was the most commonly spoken language at this time. That time period was called the Hellenistic world. 

The bible has been compiled over a 1000 year period, the information has also been preserved because of the many manuscripts that have been written and found. There is a lot of evidence that has been found written by the Greeks that proves the validity of the bible text, in fact, there are over 4000 writings written from the second century onwards.

The facts above are true to spark anyone’s interest in the Bible. The bible is a very important book, it has the history of world empires and events that will take part in the present day. The book of revelations is a very informative book if you want answers to questions that you have on your mind.