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6 Financial Advisors Share Their Best Financial Advice for Saving Money

There is an art to creating a successful emotional direct response mail piece and many elements need to be in place. Here are the most important:

1) A strong benefit laden headline – this is used to grab your prospect's attention and get them interested in reading more of your mailer.

2) Copy that identifies your prospect's main problem that your product solves for them.

3) Social proof in the form of testimonials from happy clients that you have helped to solve the problem you've identified.

4) Features of your product translated into direct benefits to your clients.

5) A strong call to action to get your prospect to contact you.

Putting all of these elements together in an effective way is where the real challenge lies for most financial advisors. It can take years to develop the skills required to master copywriting.

The best part is that if you follow what I'm going to show you here, you can do the same. So pay close attention if you are serious about taking your practice to where you want it to be.