Light Therapy- Curing Your Mind And Body!

Sunlight is more of a healer than a danger! It is well-known that sunlight can lead to multiple deficiencies. This could include reduced production of Vitamin D or a slower metabolism. 

Studies have shown that even though sunlight is good for your health, it can also trigger miraculous enzymatic reactions. We don't know this, but you would probably have been placed in a light-healing incubator if you were one of those babies who had jaundice. 

We are all affected by light therapy, whether we know it or not. The research findings on the 'effect of low-power light therapy on pain and disability among elderly patients suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis in the knee' would serve as an illustration of the last sentence. You can have a peek here, to know more about red light therapy.

Two of the three groups were tested for the same disease intensity. One group received infrared light treatment, while the other was given a red light. The third group was untreated. 

The results showed that light therapy reduced pain by 50% in the two groups. This experiment contributes to lightening the well-being of the body and mind.

Light therapy, which has also had positive effects on the human skin, is another option. Blue and red light therapy have provided new options for those seeking drug-free treatments for this persistent skin problem. 

These light intensities can be controlled and projected onto the affected areas to reduce bacterial growth. This will help in the slow but steady retreating of the disease.