Lintel Replacement For Historical Building

When renovating a historic building, there might be several surfaces that need to be replaced because the material that was previously on them has either been damaged or is unrepairable. 

Replacement lintels are one of the most common reasons for replacement in historic buildings. You can also hire an expert for restoration via

What is a Lintel Replacement?

A Lintel Replacement is a repair or replacement of an architectural element found on the exterior of a historical building. This element is generally a large stone or wooden beam that spans the width of a door, window, or opening to support the weight of the roof above.

Different Types of Lintels

There are many types of lintels, but the most common are arches and vaults. An arch is a type of lintel that is supported by two or more columns and has a curved top. A vault is a type of lintel that is supported by one or more columns and has a flat top. 

Vault lintels are often used in historical buildings because they give the roof structure extra stability. They are also popular because they can be made to look like different types of roofs, such as gables or Mansard roofs. 

Arches are usually used in buildings that have a smaller footprint than vaults because they require less space. Arches can also be used to create a more dramatic appearance in a building. 

Lintels can be made out of many different materials, including wood, metal, and stone. Some materials are better suited for specific types of lintels than others, depending on the environment in which they will be used.