Manchego Cheese – Serving Suggestions For the Best Spanish Cheese

Manchego cheese is an ancient and delicious Spanish cheese made long before the birth of Christ. We'll give you some information about this delicious cheese before you get down to business – suggestions for a new and delicious Manchego cheese recipe.

Manchego Fresco is a type of fresh white cheese that ripens in just a few weeks. You can also find manchego cheese from

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The most common is the Manchego Curado, which is between three and six months old. It is semi-hard and yellowish-white, with a smooth, nutty taste and a soft, creamy texture. It is an excellent melt-in-the-mouth cheese and is great for all kinds of flavors.

However, my favorite is Manchego Viejo. These have a maturity of up to a year and are slightly more expensive. It is dark yellow in color, and the cheese is much firmer, with a complex flavor – intense, spicy body with sharp edges and a characteristic sheep's milk aftertaste. 

Now that we've whetted your appetite, how do you get a delicious manchego? Most gourmet supermarkets or grocery stores should have options – but look closely to make sure you're buying a real manchego. 

Italian Fusion Pizza Manchego: Take a nice thin pizza crust, top with tomato paste mixed with paprika, add fresh tomato slices, sweet green olives and sprinkle with grated manchego curado – simple but very effective!