Oval Diamond Rings – Make Perfect All Occasion Rings

The oval ring is stunning and beautiful to look at. This type of ring is a variant of the round cut. The difference in shape is that the oval design is wider on both sides and longer with rounded edges. Oval diamonds have less brilliance than round diamonds.

This is also a typical diamond shape. This is a classic look with solitaire decor. Not only diamonds have this cut, but also topaz, sapphire, ruby, and various other stones. An oval emerald diamond band can be shaped like a solitaire ring with only one diamond in the center, or another popular style is an oval diamond with two small diamonds on either side. With this ring style you also have the choice between different settings. 

When choosing a diamond for solitaire, you may want to use a typical tooth arrangement, but if you are adding additional diamonds or other gemstones to the side, you may want to consider different options such as plaster or tape. .

The diamond ring is also the perfect right hand ring which can be worn daily or just on special occasions depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Some people like to mix gems and wear a diamond ring in the center and other gems like sapphires or rubies adorn each side of the diamond. Whatever your preference, oval diamond rings are a great choice when looking for a diamond.