Selecting a Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws are very popular power tools. The main reason is their versatility and the fact that they can be used for a variety of different jobs. Most DIY enthusiasts base their purchase of a cordless tool on the specific size of their battery. While battery power is certainly important, there are many other considerations to think about when shopping for a cordless chainsaw featured on This article will discuss some important factors that will affect your purchase.

One of the most important things you must take into account when purchasing an electric chain saw is its cord length. The longer the cord, the better. Longer cords allow you to get closer to the job you are doing. But too long a cord means you are literally cutting the cord on your own. A long cord can also mean that your battery life will be cut short, so be sure to purchase a cord length that will last the longest amount of time possible.

Before purchasing, read several consumer reviews online. Consumer reviews can give you great insight into both how reliable and effective in any particular saw is. It is best to read reviews not only from consumers who have actually used the chainsaw but also from those who have only heard about them or read about them in passing.

The next factor you should consider is whether to buy an electric or cordless chainsaw. There are essentially three types of chainsaws: battery powered, gasoline chainsaws, and cordless chainsaws. Each one has their pros and cons. For example, most cordless chainsaws use batteries that must be recharged. Many consumers do not find this to be a problem because their battery life lasts quite a while before needing to be recharged.

Cordless chainsaws, generally, do not come with a blade guard. If you are looking to save money, it is a good idea to invest in a cordless chainsaw that comes with a blade guard. These guards usually mount onto the saw's body and extend up toward the tailgate area. Many consumers prefer the blade guards because they provide additional protection for the teeth of the saw.

Some cordless chainsaw models include an optional accessory called the 18v x2 lxt brushless power tool. This accessory is designed to be attached onto the existing chain and provides an extra level of cutting force. An important feature of this accessory is that it increases the tooth count of the chain. Consumers should take care when attempting to attach the accessory because the connection may come loose and damage the saw.

Some chainsaws have an included oiling system. The oiling system on these chainsaws must be periodically changed as recommended by the manufacturer. These chainsaws generally come with a plastic oil filter that is easily removed for cleaning. When removing the oil filter from the chainsaw, it is important to make sure the chain is not damaged in the process. Once the oil filter has been removed, it is important to carefully follow the instructions in the owner's manual to ensure the correct oiling process. An accurate reading of the oil level is crucial to proper operation of the chainsaw.

Most chainsaws sold today will also include a bar tool, which is a small bar that attaches to the chain on either side of the saw. These bar tools allow users to accurately adjust the height of the saw. Some chainsaws offer two bar options, while others only offer one. For safety purposes, it is strongly recommended that users select a model with a separate bar than that on the saw itself.