Should You Choose Artificial or Live Flowers For Your Wedding?

There are many reasons choose artificial flowers over live flowers. On the other hand, those that choose live blooms wouldn't be caught dead with fakes for their wedding. When I was a wedding florist, the most popular reason I heard for brides picking artificial blooms was that they wanted to keep their bouquet as a souvenir.

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Another reason for fake flowers is that they can be made way ahead of time.The most popular reason for choosing live blooms was for the traditional beauty and elegance of real florals. Real ones last forever in photos, smell delicious and make the bride feel extra special on her wedding day.

Should You Choose Fake or Real Flowers For Your Wedding?

1. You have visions of a traditional wedding with an abundance of real blooms. True False

2. You believe that some silks can look classy and real. Yes or No

3. You love the smell of real blooms. True False

4. You can't picture your bouquet being anything but fresh florals. Yes No

5. Cost is the most important factor when selecting your wedding bouquets and corsages. T or F

6. You are the type to worry and stress out a lot. T or F

7. You would like to have your wedding flowers ready before your wedding. Yes or No

8. Real blooms are luxurious. On my most wedding day, I deserve that luxury. True False

9. I would love to keep my wedding bouquet for years to come. Yes or No

10. You absolutely love fresh flowers. T or F