Suggestions For High Tea Party For Ladies In West Palm Beach

Even though men and women can go to a tea party, a tea party is definitely a function that is floored for women to have meetings with each other without interference from life partners and children. When you arrange a tea party for women, you need to remember this and be careful with your friends who are happy in your organization. 

In addition to tea and food served at the event, the party pleasing also provides an exclusive charm for your party and invitations you will be happy to come to your event repeatedly. You can do a tea party in various adorable tea houses like Serenity Garden Tea House & Cafe, West Palm Beach, FL. Here are some ideas for a women's tea party.

Vintage Tea Cup.

If you explore the flea market or sale of garages, you might often have a collection of tea cups a variety of but elegant. You can buy it and use it as a party help.

Sampling tea

You can provide a cute little container or a tea sample bag with the help of your party. The number of tea boxes according to your invitation number, but generally 5 to 10 flavoured boxes, hard-bodied tea is enough. You can mix it and make various types and package it in a funny box or bag. You can even present a sample on sparkling paper tied with a rope.

Pot plants

It's pretty easy to do-it-yourself delicious. If your plan is for high tea parks, potted plants are the most suitable favours. Buy some cheap potchust pots or flowering plants and wrap them smartly in brown papers with beautiful handles. You are in Liberty to personalize each pot with the label of your invitation name. Instead of brown paper, you are free to use good paper or plastic. Or you can leave this decision on your tea party planner like serenitygarderntea. Professionals are experts in this.

Shortbread items.

Create a short biscuit from a variety of shapes and fold 1 to 3 cookies in a cake bag. Tighten the bag with a ribbon. This is a fun party. You are free to buy ready-made cookies if you lack time.