The 2 Best Ways To Buy Gold

Gold has a long and impressive track record as an investment, yet the vast majority of investors still don’t include precious metals in their portfolios. Coin collectors also buy gold, but it is likewise in relatively modest numbers.

Here are the main reasons why people invest in and buy gold:

1. Gold is a safe-haven asset used for long-term wealth preservation. You can also buy swiss gold via

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2. Gold is a valuable commodity with special chemical and physical properties, such as being the most malleable metal on earth, and thus gold has many important uses.

Let’s look at your best options for buying gold. Many, if not all, of these guidelines, will readily apply to buying silver, as well. 

The 2 Most Ideal Ways to Buy Gold

     1. Physical Gold Bullion

As you will find out below, you don’t always have to buy physical gold to include gold in your portfolio. Many “paper” investment products can give investors exposure to the gold price.

Gold bars are often the most cost-effective way to buy physical gold. Bars are categorized as bullion as long as they are about 99.5% pure gold or higher. You can read more in our Gold Bars Buyer's Guide.

     2. Modern Bullion Coins and Gold Bars

Today, governments issue gold bullion coins specifically for investment purposes. Bullion coins, just like gold bars, are made from investment-grade (highly pure) gold. Bars and bullion coins are usually the preferred manners for buying gold for an individual retirement account (IRA), as well.

Another reason for the popularity of modern gold bullion coins is their designs. Each coin features cultural symbols that relate to their home countries.