Tips to Buy the Best Commercial Grade Treadmill

What is Commercial Grade Treadmill anyway? First of all, what exactly is a treadmill anyway? This is a very good question and the answer is simple. Treadmills are large heavy industrial weight machines which are used for both home and commercial use. Many people today love to workout, however, finding a place to do so can be quite a challenge.

With the Internet being widely spread today, finding what you are looking for at reasonable prices has become much easier. There are many websites now offering a wide selection of commercial treadmills for sale. Finding one that suits your needs and budget should not be too much of a problem. There are various reasons why commercial grade treadmills prove to be more expensive than the traditional ones. If you are planning to buy one of these machines, here are some factors you might want to consider:

Higher Weight: The commercial grade treadmill has a larger running belt, which makes it heavier when compared to the traditional treadmill. The belt is made of thicker and stronger materials thus providing increased strength and durability. This is a good thing because these machines can provide more intense workouts thus increasing the intensity of the user's workouts. The thick running belt also means that the user will be perspire more during intense workouts.

Higher Motor Power: Unlike the traditional treadmills which have low motors, commercial grade treadmills come with bigger motors. In most cases these motors give out high horsepower and torque, which help users get more heart beats per minute. Higher motor power also gives better endurance during workouts. Some treadmill models come with three motors while others may have as many as five motors. It would all depend on your personal preference on what type of workout you want to achieve.

Higher Running Surface: Since a commercial treadmill has a running surface which is almost always carpeted, it will endure longer than the traditional treadmill. A carpeted treadmill will need to be vacuumed more often and has a higher maintenance cost. These types of treadmills also last longer and require less repair and maintenance. Thus it is an added advantage for those who want to save money in the long run.

Higher Running Belt: Usually a carpeted treadmill has a running surface that is made of rubber. This rubber wears out after continuous use and needs to be replaced. If a belt is used, this wears out very quickly causing the treadmill to depreciate in a short period of time. The commercial grade treadmill has a hard plastic belt which is made of heavy duty material that lasts much longer than the ordinary treadmill. Thus it ensures that the equipment will provide you with excellent workout for a longer time.

It is very important that before purchasing any treadmill or any exercise equipment one should check latest price rates. This is not only important for the safety of purchasing but also helps in deciding whether an item is worth the investment. Check the treadmill's list of features along with the pros and cons and check the warranty of the product. One should always buy the best commercial grade treadmill from a reputed company.

One should ensure that the heart rate monitor is functional in a treadmill as most of them do not display the correct heart rate. Also it is essential to check the wattage of the treadmill. Calculate the calories burnt using the treadmill workout data. The wattage indicates how many calories can be burned using the treadmill and the more the wattage the higher the heart rate. The heart rate monitor should also provide accurate readings of the calories burned, average heart rate and the maximum heart rate over a certain period of time. If you are a professional runner then the speed sensing feature in the treadmill will help you maintain your pace even if you have no idea about the distance, time and speed of the running.