Types Of Mediators For Dispute Resolution

If one is considering mediation, one must think about the kind of mediator he/she prefers. In addition, the kind and manner in which the mediator is employed during the mediation process must reflect the personality of the parties in dispute. 

In this respect, there are three main types of mediators you can pick from. These include types of social networking as well as the authoritative type and independent mediators. If you are in search of an independent mediator then you can visit www.boileaucs.com for dispute resolution services.


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An independent mediator is the farthest removed from the scene. In addition, the mediator is also the most distant kind of impartiality and neutrality of the disputing parties. This means that the mediator is not associated with any person or organization. 

The mediator does not have any involvement in the final outcome; However, he or she remains very active in the process of negotiation with the parties in order to reach an agreement.

The other kind of mediator is an authoritative mediator. This kind of mediator can bring a particular behavior into the session. They are usually highly respected, particularly at the top of management, and hold the managerial authority to make decisions. 

In addition, the mediator is able to influence the parties and can enforce the agreement once it is drawn up. The mediator can be competent in reprimanding participants if the decision is not taken. 

The mediator also has an influence on the final outcome. The mediator typically operates in the same place or workplace as the parties. He could be the head of a company in which the parties work.

The third mediator of social networks is usually an elder of a village or town. It could also be a respected community head or chief of the tribe. It is also possible that a clergyperson could serve in this capacity. The mediator, in this case, is usually focused on the prospects of preserving the long-term relationship between the two parties.