What to Look for When Buying Canvas Prints

The canvas is cheap thin polyester the image has little or no detail and the frame is made out of batten which you can pick up from any builders merchants, and when you hang it on the wall it warps after about 12 weeks. If you want to buy modern art pictures then you canĀ navigate to this website.

Scenic Countryside Canvas Wall Art | Beautiful tree prints for any space

There are 3 things I think you need to check out before you come to a decision which canvas art printing company you will use to get your canvas art work from. This is my quick guide I put together and hope it helps some of you.

(1) The first thing to think about is what sort of picture you would like on the canvas (i.e.) do you want a run of the mill stock image, we’ve all seen them, New York cityscapes, London eye or pop art which are on most canvas art sites at the moment, or would you like a unique limited edition image.

(2) What quality will the print be. The only way your really going to know this is to look at all the different canvas art sites on the internet and there’s loads. I’ve look at lots and lots and the one thing I can say is most of them are so alike, all selling the run of the mill stock images for about for 20GBP upwards