Why Print is an Essential Part of Marketing Campaigns?

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Print is an essential asset of today’s marketing campaigns. It could be a direct mail pack, point of sale promotion, or a product catalogue. Print collaterals are versatile and tactile media for branding and sales. A few reasons support why customers are responding better towards printed materials.

  • Tactile: As a child, you might have been highlighting essential points. Do you know why you did that? Because it allowed your brain to process a message and understand things easily. Things are similar with a print solution for a marketing campaign. The physical feel of a tactile product plus the message leads to a powerful branding opportunity. And this might work better than digital channels in many cases.
  • It is Personal: Personalization is the best approach to make a campaign impressive. And print marketing allows using personalized pictures and content for every recipient on the list. It helps enhance the response rate and improves customer loyalty.
  • Sharing and Safe Keeping: Have you ever saved catalogues on your bookshelf because you found them valuable and you refer them to others. Similarly, if you can create valuable collateral, your customers will be more likely to keep them.
  • It’s different: Print has several sizes, look and feel, and shape, which allows creating different items and experiences. With a variety of shapes, paper quality, and layout, you can grab the attention of your audience while delivering a prestige sense and value.

You need to take some time to evaluate the demographic profile and personas of your customer. In addition, you should invest in quality printed from printers near me to create appealing collaterals worth keeping.