Beginners Guide to Starting a Reef Aquarium

Most of my clients buy tanks that are much too small and end up upgrading in the near future anyway. The minimum size for a saltwater aquarium should be at least 55 gallons. Not only you will be able to maintain fish and corals in this tank, but your parameters (salinity, ph, and so on) will tend not to alter up to a larger tank. To get more information about the reef aquarium tank you can visit this site.

Purchase your aquarium and a suitable stand. I suggest becoming one in the local aquarium supply store that's designed for your aquarium. Remember, a 55-gallon aquarium weighs over 550lbs without any rock or sand in it, don't put it onto an older table. Now that you have your tank and put it onto a level surface in your house away from any windows where direct sunlight can influence the temperature. 

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Verify the tank is sitting flat on the rack. This is especially crucial with larger tanks as you don't want any tension points that could divide your tank seams.

This will help remove nitrates in the future. We'll enter into nitrates in the future but for now, just be certain to get enough sand. As far as the light there is an assortment of options available on the market. T5 High Outputs are a good option to maintain your electric bill reasonably. You ought to perform a little investigating to find out what's going to meet your requirements.

You're going to need approximately 2-3 20 pound bags for every 50 Gallons to achieve this. Now for that stone, you need to utilize what is called live rock or you could utilize dry reef stone that's easily available online. Exactly what many aquarists don't know if you don't need to use a live rock to start. 

It's possible to purchase dry reef rock for roughly $2.75 – $5 percent lb versus paying approximately $7-15 per pound for stone. They may both give you the same result and arid rock gains about 1030 percent more weight once it is moist so that it's less expensive. Position your rocks securely as desired and move into the next step, the drinking water.