Caring For Your Outdoor Cushions

Cushions are an important accessory to your outdoor furniture. Your cushions are going to be exposed to all sorts of dirt, debris, and other things that may end up on your outdoor patio or deck. The thing you need to remember is that there are three different kinds of outdoor cushion to choose from. There are also sun lounger cushions as featured on, patio cushions, and dining cushions that are also going to need to be cleaned.

Design Problem: frequent storage of sun lounger cushions in plastic bags. Overnight dew collection is actually pretty heavy on a regular basis simply because the heat is extremely high on a hot day and it often stays pretty cool down after sundown. So basically, if your sun lounger cushions are constantly stored in these bags, they're going to become very dirty, moldy, and spotty looking if they're left outside for only a few weeks!

Cleaning Problem: Most of the time, when you buy sun lounger cushions, they come with a fabric protection layer that helps keep them from getting dirty. However, even if the fabric protection layer does help, there's no way for you to keep the plastic bag from getting all over the cushions as well. Over time, this will really start to look fuzzy and worn. Instead of keeping your beach furniture cushions protected, you just end up with fuzzy looking pieces that don't have the life and the vibrancy that you want.

Cleaning Solution: A quick vacuum, a soft towel, and a bucket of soapy water will be your best cleaning solution on most cushions made from vinyl or acrylic. However, on more dirt filled patio cushions, such as ones made of natural fibers like chenille, microfiber, or wicker, it might be necessary to use a slightly stronger cleaner, like an all-purpose marine spray with a wide-tooth nozzle. Don't forget to thoroughly rinse off any residue or soap that might be left behind. This will make sure the next time you use your cushions, they'll look great and be comfortable as well.

Scrubbing Problem: If you use a strong scrubbing compound on your sun loungers with cushions too often, you might end up ruining them before they're even used for a single use. Some of the chemicals used for cleaning sun loungers can actually damage the polyester fill that protects the foam inside. Once the polyester fill becomes less thick, it can easily tear. If the sun lounger cushions become damaged by too much scrubbing, you can even rip the plastic protective stuffing off, which will make it extremely difficult for the cushions to breathe. When this happens, the chairs won't even function properly and will have to be thrown out.

Cleaning Tips: Some experts say that certain types of cleaning products can actually harm outdoor cushions. Therefore, it's a good idea to research the cleaning products that you're going to use before purchasing them. You also need to take into account that some types of patio cushions can become damaged or discolored by exposure to the sun. Sun rays can cause fading and discoloration if they hit the cushions directly. If you don't follow these cleaning tips and use common sense when choosing outdoor cushions, you can help prolong the life of your cushions, so you get to enjoy them for many years to come.