How to Calculate Insurance Replacement Valuation

If your car is totalled in an accident, the replacement value of the vehicle is what you would receive if you sold it new. This figure is what insurers use to calculate your insurance claim.

When you file a claim with your insurance company, you'll need to calculate the insurance replacement value of your belongings. The replacement value is the estimated market value of what your items are worth without damage or wear. This number can help you receive a fair settlement from your insurance company. 

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Replacement value is important to insurance claims because it affects how much the policyholder is paid for a damaged item. Replacement value is determined by the age, condition, brand, and other features of the item.

Here's how to calculate the replacement value: 

1. Look up the average price of similar items online. 

2. Add any applicable discounts (if applicable). 

3. Use a price estimator tool to get an even lower estimate. 

4. Compare this number to the actual value of your belongings. If the replacement value is higher than the actual value, you may be able to receive a larger payout from your insurance company.

5. Determine the age of the item. 

6. Calculate the condition of the item. 

7. Compare the condition to standard conditions for that type of item. 

8. Calculate the reduction in market value caused by wear and tear and any other flaws.