The Worth of Antique Jewelry

Jewelry is everywhere. It is featured on magazines, TV as well as billboards. In the majority of ads, the jewelry is just similar to the latest Billboard success. It's lacking authenticity and personality, which must be present within your pieces of jewelry. 

Jewelry is a way of self-expression and should be wearing something as individual and individual as the person they wear it. It shouldn't be made using a machine, but instead made by hand and unique. 

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Antique jewelry is in line with this fashion. The majority of these pieces were made by hand prior to the age of machines, which is why each piece is distinct. They are designed and constructed with care since they've been through the tests of time, and each has its own story and, along with that, you will discover a fresh future.

There are many different types of antique jewelry. The first one to consider would be Victorian jewelry. There are three kinds of Victorian jewelry: Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian, and Late Victorian though most jewelers put them all in one umbrella. The early Victorian is often influenced by nature-inspired designs that could be intricately and delicately created into gold. 

Lockets and brooches were the most sought-after pieces that were popular at the time, with a variety of colored stones. The mid-victorian period (1856-1880) coincides with a period of mourning since the husband of Queen Elisabeth had passed away. The designs are believed to be solemn and grave, to be in the spirit of mourning. 

The jewelry is adorned with dark, heavy stones. They were considered to be more original than the earlier Victorian fashion since they frequently feature mosaics and shells.