A Brief Explanation of Abstract Art

Abstract images have no recognizable objects. It’s an art form that doesn’t try to look like anything. On the other hand, the subject of abstract painting is color, shape, and certain characteristics. In other words, abstract painting removes monotonous realism. You can also buy best abstract art images via https://motiv-art.eu/collections/abstrakte-kunst-bilder

Abstract art is mostly associated with paintings that depict things that are not visual, such as emotions, sounds, or spiritual experiences. In addition, abstract painting is also classified into figurative abstraction or simplification of reality, where details are omitted by recognizable objects and only essential or certain levels of form can be recognized.

With the advent of synthetic cubism and analytical cubism, abstract art painting also became important. In synthetic cubism, artists use strong colors and decorative shapes to disassemble an object and reassemble or “synthesize” its essential structural lines.

Analytical Cubism, on the other hand, reduced natural forms to their basic geometric components and then tried to bring these essentially three-dimensional parts into harmony with the plane of the two-dimensional image. The colors are very dim and the image is almost monochromatic.