All about Coffee Catering Services for Corporate Events

You can use a coffee bar to show appreciation, boost morale, or just for the pleasure of having a cup of coffee. Many of the same questions apply to branding as part of the customization options. 

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Coffee Bar Catering: How to Hire the Right Service - Lattes on Location

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You might not be able to customize the menus and cups of the caterer you are talking to, but it shouldn't matter. 

Here are some questions:

  • What is your company event really needed?
  • Are they covered by insurance?
  • Are they possible to be installed in your conference or break room?
  • Are there any reviews?
  • Do you have someone to contact who can communicate quickly, set up appointments, and show up on time?

Catering for smaller events-

You might have a smaller event! Maybe a baby shower with 30 people? Perhaps a small company has just achieved an important milestone and deserves to be recognized? A coffee shop atmosphere can elevate your event's theme to the highest level of perfection.

A barista can come to your place and serve your guests-

It may begin with your budget. It's okay to contact the company and find out their minimum group size, and what their cost is. Ask if they are able to set up at your house, office, or church, where you're having your party.

A barista is a great choice for small events because they can provide personal service and attention to each guest. Baristas love to discuss coffee and find the perfect drink for each guest. Perhaps your guests don't like one drink but are interested in trying something else.