Create Your Own Automated Onboarding Process

Engagement spans multiple departments such as HR, finance, and IT, and an automated process directs the right forms to the right people at the right time.

After all, automated processes are also more environmentally friendly. Using cut paper is good for the environment and your results. Empower HR with progress dashboards for social responsibility points that are just an added bonus to your company brand.

A number of low-code solutions are available, so it is important for HR leaders to do their due diligence in considering this possibility. Use free trials, new hiring form templates, video tutorials, and other resources to evaluate solutions and determine which one is right for you.

Attracting and retaining talent is critical to a company's success in the 21st century. Automating the employee engagement process helps new hires and HR spend less time on paperwork and more on relevant work. 

You can build scalable integrated programs cheaply. Make employee videos once and avoid managers, subject matter experts, and coaches spending extra time reviewing basic information. New employees can view these records right from their laptop or smartphone, avoiding expensive on-site training.

For companies with offices around the world, or even just for teams spread across floors and buildings, it's important to communicate company culture and policies consistently.

There's no easier way to make a consistent board than the one in the video. Corporate video platform allows your hiring manager and employee development team to ensure that every new employee hears the same greeting, learns basic guidelines and procedures, and starts off on the right foot every time.